The Lady's Exquisite Extremities

For The Discerning Foot Connoisseur

About the Luminescent Inspiration That is Beatrice

I am Lady Beatrice Rappaccini . But, of course, you may address me as "Your Ladyship". I am a domineering, effervescent and highly intelligent Woman who enjoys meeting new submissive males to add to my collection of part-time pets. Maybe you could be one, too...


My exceptional feet:

They are lovely and fair. Pure enchantment. I prefer to keep my toenails unpolished, harboring a penchant for a pristine buffing. I have perfect toe alignment with my big toe being the largest and longest of my toes. A perfect arch that is not too high, and most definitely not too low give my delicate feet grace. My feet, themselves are size 7-7.5B, depending on the designer and type of shoe. 

My feet are as strong as they are beautiful.